Our Centre

Our Belief

We take pride in being the only early learning centre in Bali that provides all-year-round quality daycare, playgroup and preschool programs that focuses on children aged between 6 months to 6 years old.

In a positive and dynamic setting, our centre is a place for children of all nationalities, with diverse cultural, religious and linguistic backgrounds, to learn to share, socialize and discover new things every day.

Being small matters to us! It means that we focus on the program and early childhood activities, resulting in a greater focus on your child’s education and welfare. From a cognitive point of view, it offers us the opportunity to deepen the program and go through it faster. It is just as beneficial from a social point of view, making participation inescapable.

The age gap during playtime and mixed group activities is small, making the environment less intimidating. With fewer students, our centre has become a more intimate and personalized learning environment with a cohesive vision among staff and educators. At the UKC, we keep our teacher/student ratio (average 1 to 4 at the time of writing) as low as possible and allocate more educational staff to the youngest ones.

We believe these are major aspects that support school readiness, self-confidence development and resilience in children’s early years.

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Our Vision

Learning through play and socialization is where children will explore, experience and naturally discover the physical, social, emotional and intellectual world around them, in the best possible way, and how they are part of it.

This is the foundation of our game-based program, following the British national program, the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS).

Our Values


Safe indoor and outdoor environment is our priority. We have strict Drop-off and Pick-up Procedures, requiring previous registration, proving IDs, names, phone numbers, etc. The school door is also locked by a mechanism that cannot be opened by children, equipped with a double door (whose second door is also double latched – in and outside), and monitored by our security service at all time.
We also have the whole school covered by video surveillance composed of over 30 cameras, and a security service present 24/7.


When play is the centre of our activities, children will be inspired and will discover the love for learning. Play is far more powerful for children than many parents realize. It’s the key to learning. Researchers and educators across the world have found that play can help enrich learning and develop key skills such as inquiry, expression, experimentation, and teamwork.


We aim to provide reliable and qualified care and education all year round. Our educational staff are regularly trained, have to take specific training during the year (such as first aid for example) and is also periodically evaluated.


Our responsibility as educators working with a play-based program is to facilitate play, to draw and extend what children learn through play. The environment, daily routines and the role of the educator are therefore inseparable elements which make it possible to achieve this objective. Besides, we have designed our environment as rich and varied spaces, where risks are minimised and well managed, and where children are protected from harm and abuse.

Our Mission

We believe that early childhood education and supports provide what children need to succeed in life.

Between birth to 6 years old, children are under rapid development. It is a period when a child builds cognitive skills, which are the foundation of all academics, as well as character skills, social-emotional growth, gross-motor skills and executive functioning, such as problem-solving.

Therefore, in being a part of this major developmental stage, it is very important for us to create a safe, reliable, balanced and positive environment in the life of children.

Our Center

In Umalas Kids Club

Operation Hours

Our centre opens its doors at 8.15 am and closes at 5.00 pm Monday to Friday, except during national holidays and term breaks. Our centre provides daily programs for children from 6 months to 6 years old, either half-day, full-day, casual drop-in & extra-hours babysitting.

During term breaks, our centre will open a holiday camp programme for both members and non-members, currently available for children from 1 to 6 years old. Please see Our Calendar for your reference.


A healthy and balanced diet is one of our primary concerns. At the Umalas Kids Club, we have included a nutritious snack in the morning and a snack in the afternoon.

As the lunch is not included in the program fee; additional fees will be added. Our lunch menu is developed, planned and provided by our trusted catering service, with instructions to incorporate a maximum of fruits and vegetables. These meals are prepared daily, with fresh and first quality ingredients.

Families are asked to inform our centre of any special diet for their children, including food restrictions and allergies. Due to dietary concerns, for children under 12 months and children with dietary restrictions, we suggest parents provide their lunch.

You can fill in our form and choose at your convenience HERE.

We are open Monday to Friday from 8:15 a.m. to 5 p.m. You can contact us to get our full school calendar for the current year.