In addition to our educational programs, we offer additional school activities for children from 6 months to 6 years old during the afternoons. We do our best to keep children’s interests and engagement to their fullest! All our activities are guided by professionals, whether carried out directly by the school or service providers when necessary (if so, an additional fee may be required).

These afternoon activities undoubtedly fuel their thirst for learning, doing and discovering. Our activities usually range from cooking workshops to dancing, music lessons, gardening and creative workshops, among others.

It is with this in mind that we design our extra-school activities to continue the development and proper growth of your children during fun and practical activities, calling on a wide range of skills.

Over the past few years, we have implemented many extracurricular activities ranging from music, gardening, capoeira, singing lessons, cooking, recycling workshops, and language workshops to theatre workshops, pottery workshops, Indonesian arts and crafts, and many more!

Art & Crafts

crafting recycled household items, building a garden bed, simulating a garden with insects and plants, creating a recycling corner at school and understanding its concept through play. Promotion of a plastic-free and waste-free lifestyle.


composting, planting, transplanting to the garden bed. Water and measure plants, smell, touch, taste different herbs and vegetables and explore with kids natural wonder and curiosity.

Conscious Cooking

Mix infused water with herbs and fruits, Mix infused oil with herbs and spices, Mix tea with dried herbs and spices, make your own pesto and dips, Prepare vegetables etc.