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Our possibilities are different from those of other daycares because we are going far beyond simple babysitting.

We provide formal teaching, following the British National Curriculum (EYFS) that sets standards for the learning, development and care of your child from birth to 5 years old and up. All of our operations, early learning centre, preschool and daycare depend on it. This ensures that we offer the very best for the development and growth of your child.

Our early learning framework will give the opportunity to your toddler to join in their age group, from 6 months old to 3 years old, while following a strong international curriculum that supports an integrated approach to early learning and care.

Our daycare option is especially thought for travelling families and people that require a few days of attendance or late afternoon care.

You can find our different programs and prices below.
All prices include snacks and learning materials.
For all programmes, it is possible to include lunch.

During our morning sessions, your child will fully engage in multiple activities adapted to his age group. Go to “Our programs” to see our detailed weekly programs and schedules.

Member price: 300,000 IDR/session

Non-member price: 400,000 IDR/session

Note: Possibility to purchase 20-day packages with a 10% discount (to be used within one term)

Two hours of fun, games and playing with all the other kids and teachers in the afternoon.

Member price: 150,000 IDR/session

Non-member price: 200,000 IDR/session

It is the combination of our morning and afternoon programs (The price excludes lunch)

Member price: 360,000 IDR/session

Non-member price: 500,000 IDR/session

Note: Possibility to purchase 20-day packages with a 10% discount (to be used within one term)

From 3 Pm to 5 Pm, we offer extra Babysitting/Daycare for those kids that cannot get enough of our playground!

Price: 50,000 IDR/hour

Note: children that hasn’t been picked-up after 5 Pm (school closure) will be charged 10.000 IDR/min.

Every year, we are pleased to offer two different holiday programs, one after the New Year (lasting 1.5 weeks) and one in July (lasting 4 weeks) during the summer holidays. Go to “Calendar” to see the exact days of this year’s holiday programs.




Member price: 250,000 IDR/session

Non-member price: 300,000 IDR/session




Member price: 200,000 IDR/session

Non-member price: 250,000 IDR/session


FULL DAY PROGRAM (8.15 Am – 3.00 Pm)


Member price: 350,000 IDR/session

Non-member price: 400,000 IDR/session


Note: If you buy a full program (half days or full days), you will benefit from a 20% discount.