Holiday programs

Twice a year, we organise holiday camps for children from 6 months to 6 years old. For these camps, called “Kidsplay Chronicles”, we do everything we can to ensure that our multi-activity and specialised holiday camps are more than just a random kids club aiming to tackle school holiday boredom. Instead, we propose activities that complement school education by acting as a learning medium led by and for children.

We pride ourselves on organising school holiday camps as a stress-free solution for parents while providing maximum fun for the kids!

By classifying children by age groups, we tailor activities to meet their developmental needs. This is especially important for young children, as we cover all areas of learning related to the Early Years Foundation Stage (British National Curriculum).

For older children, this means that the activities are complex enough to challenge and stimulate all of their abilities!

With the Kidsplay Chronicles, we offer an abundance of enjoyable, fun, engaging, and educational activities to entertain and enhance children’s abilities!

Our holiday camps are an excellent way for kids to make new friends while participating in each of our busy days! Our very experienced team ensures that all children have the chance to discover different activities and have new and exciting experiences every day.

The wide range of activities we offer has many advantages for children: sport improves gross motor skills, coordination, balance, teamwork, endurance and social skills; arts and crafts enhance fine motor skills and creativity; while our informative and educational workshops offer new knowledge and interactive learning!

From sports to explorations, arts and crafts to team games, from gross and fine motor to sensory activities, from science to messy play, from cooking to water play and other specific projects, your children will enjoy a wide range of activities that will stimulate them!