Why should we choose Early Years Foundation Stages (EYFS)

Nurturing Well-Rounded Development for Your Little Explorer

Personal, Social & Emotional Development:

We foster a positive self-image and teach children to value others. Through positive relationships and respect, we guide them in developing essential social skills, understanding emotions, and building self-confidence and awareness.

Understanding the world
Exploration is key! We help children make sense of the world and technology through engaging activities like computer play, science experiments, music time, and dedicated events. It’s all about creating a rich learning environment that sparks curiosity.

Physical Development
Healthy bodies, active minds! Our outdoor environments provide the perfect space for children to be active, enhancing their coordination, control, and spatial awareness. We teach them the importance of physical activity and guide them in making healthy choices regarding food and exercise.

Communication & Language
Expressing themselves confidently! We create an environment with diverse languages, fostering understanding, speaking, listening, and attention skills. Through engaging activities, children build their vocabulary, express thoughts fluently, and convey meaning to others.

Expressive arts & Design
Unleashing creativity! From construction and role play to musical movement and creative activities, we provide ample opportunities for children to explore and express their ideas and feelings, nurturing their imagination.

Building a foundation for numbers and shapes! Through hands-on activities and everyday objects, children explore patterns, compare, sort, match, order, sequence, count, and solve practical problems, developing a solid understanding of mathematics.

A love for words! We encourage children to connect sounds and letters, fostering a passion for reading and writing. With access to a variety of reading materials, we ignite their interest, teach them how to handle books carefully, and help them understand the meaning behind every word and picture.

Join us at our preschool, where every day is an exciting journey of exploration, growth, and learning!