The Umalas Kids Club is happy to announce its reopening on August 24th to a limited number of students for on-site learning!

At this occasion, we offer you a 20% discount on our rates!

For those who wish to come and discover us, our Curriculum and our programs, see the school and meet the team, we are preparing open school days with specific schedules and a limited number of parents on-site at the same time. Stay posted for more information!


With the authorization of local authorities and our programs adapted to the current situation, we offer an education option for your children, in small groups, following a COVID strict protocol as defined by the government.

Having a limited number of children is an advantage! This means that we are focusing as much as possible on the early childhood program. A smaller number of children means a greater focus on the education and well-being of your child. From a cognitive point of view, this allows us to deepen the program and go through it more quickly.

Our centre offers a more intimate and personalized learning environment and allows the most coherent vision possible among staff and educators. We believe that these are major aspects that support their readiness, the development of self-confidence and resilience in early childhood.

Between birth and the age of 6, the child (ren) experience a period of rapid and extremely rich development – It is the period when children develop cognitive skills, which are the foundation of all academics, as well as character skills, socio-emotional growth, gross motor skills and executive functioning, such as problem-solving. Therefore, as part of this major stage in their development, it is up to us to create a safe, reliable, balanced and positive environment in the lives of children.

Therefore, it is up to us to facilitate the excellent development of your children by providing them with appropriate and relevant activities to offer them the keys to their own future. We give them all the necessary foundations in the personal, social and emotional areas, but also in communication, language and motor skills.

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