JULY 2022

4th to 29th

Back to Kidsplay Chronicles – Summer Camp, from July 4th to 29th!

The Kidsplay Chronicles is more than just a summer camp aiming to tackle school holiday boredom; they complement their education by acting as a medium for child-led learning.

Our activities will be carried out according to a weekly theme linked to the Disney universe! From science to exploration, from art and craft to messy play or from sport to team games, a whole universe of fun opens up to your children! We have prepared a wide range of activities that stimulate your children’s abilities and allow them to socialize with each other! (For children from 6 months to 6 years old).

Click on our Bio for schedules, programs and fees, and join the fun!


(January 3rd to 12th)

Let’s be back to the Kidsplay Chronicles – Holiday camp!

From January 3rd to 12th!

All our activities will be related to a weekly theme! From sports to explorations, arts and crafts to team games, science to messy play, your kids will enjoy a wide range of activities that stimulate all their abilities! (For children between 6 months to 6 years old).

The Kidsplay Chronicles are more than just a holiday camp aiming to tackle school holiday boredom; they complement their education by acting as a medium for child-led learning. Click on our Bio for schedules, programs & fees, and come join the fun!

JULY 2021

(5th to 30th)

Come and join our Holiday Program: “Kidsplay Chronicles” from 5th to 30th July. Lots of fun activities every day.

All our activities will be related to a weekly theme!

From sports to explorations, arts and crafts to team games, science to messy play, your kids will enjoy a wide range of activities that stimulate all their abilities! (For children between 6 month to 6 years old).

The Kidsplay Chronicles are more than just a holiday camp aiming to tackle school holiday boredom; they complement their education by acting as a medium for child-led learning…

Come join the fun!


Our next Kidsplay Chronicles are scheduled between January 4th and 13th 2021.

During our January 2021 Holiday Camp, your children will have the opportunity to participate in our New Year’s Vaganza around the world!

8-day program, 1 country or continent to discover each day!

Every day will give your children the opportunity to have fun learning about amazing New Year’s traditions from various part of the world!

The countries covered will be as follows:

Day 1: Australia (Sydney)
Day 2: Europe (Spain)
Day 3: Antarctica
Day 4: South America (Brazil)
Day 5: North America (New York)
Day 6: Africa (Egypt)
Day 7: Asia (Thailand)
Day 8: Asia (Yogjakarta, Indonesia)

All our activities will be in touch with this subject, so dear to children! Arts & Crafts, Gross motor, sensory activities, cooking, science, water play, and specific projects! All our age groups will have their part!




My 5 Super Senses is next month’s theme. Starting on Monday we offer:

  • A multitude of games and activities
  • Arts and crafts
  • Fun science experiments🎨Come and join the fun!📚🎶🏃


JULY 2020

What an amazing program for this summer camp! There is no doubt that your kids will just LOVE it, as much as we loved set it up for them!

We have been authorized by the local authorities to resume our newly named activities “Kidsplay chronicles”, which consist of fun and practical activities for children from 3 to 7 years old. For reasons of hygiene and compliance with the established protocol, we cannot accept children under three years of age. It is essential that we, as a structure welcoming children, explicitly adhere to the protocol established by the government.

In the same way, it must be understood and imperatively applied by our entire community.

Parents/guardians must understand and accept that only compliance with the established rules will allow the Umalas Kids Club to remain open and carry out these activities. 


  • Appointment of a dedicated coordinator for the UKC Covid-19 prevention team, supervising and evaluating the proper implementation of the protocol.
  • Make sure every person entering on the UKC premises is healthy.
  • All UKC members are also subject to a rigorous protocol, and to specific duties and actions on our premises.
  • The UKC ensures that its team is 100% healthy, and able to perform their functions safely and efficiently.
  • Installation of a specific hand basin outside the UKC, with a provision of soap and hand sanitizer.
  • Installation of several hand sanitizer distributors within our establishment, in various strategic locations.
  • During their school assignments, each UKC members are required to wear a face mask, latex gloves and a face shield. It is also required to minimize interactions and to respect safe distance measures at all times.
  • The UKC ensures that children are never more than 5 at the same time, for all activities, outdoor and/or indoor.
  • Teach students to wash their hands properly with soap and water, how to use alcohol-based hand cleaners (hand sanitizer), implement healthy hygiene behaviours (PHBS), maintain a minimum distance of 1 (one meter) and apply appropriate ethics of coughing and sneezing. The UKC staff will also instruct and make sure that child(ren) avoid direct physical contact (shaking hands, kissing hands, hugging, etc.)
  • The UKC makes every effort to clean all materials used thoroughly, classrooms, toys or anything else that children or staff come into contact with, every day.
  • Parents/guardians/children with fever and/or symptoms of illness will be asked to isolate themselves in their homes, and to ensure that they have few contacts with others.
  • It is our duty to send home children or UKC staff who may appear sick and/or develop fever or any other symptom of illness. There will be strictly no negotiation of any kind.
  • If the UKC notes a large number of absences due to respiratory disease, we are obliged to report it to the Foundation for follow-up in coordination with the local health office.
  • The UKC makes every effort to ensure that the entire establishment is cleaned and disinfected daily. In no case can the UKC be held responsible if a child(ren) becomes ill during his/her stay in our establishment.


  • You must book your child(ren) space at least 24h in advance (Staggered arrival and departure times.)
  • Imperatively follow the protocol The government has set it. Any violation of this protocol will lead to a cessation of your attendance at the UKC. Your child(ren) will not be accepted anymore.
  • Parents/guardians must ensure that their children are fully healthy before taking them to our establishment. If a child (ren) has a fever or any other symptom of illness, they should not report to the UKC. In case of a temperature higher than 37.5 °C, child(ren) must stay at home for at least 24 hours until the fever subsides.
  • If the child (ren) have flu, cold, fever, runny nose, sore throat, cough, lethargy, shortness of breath or any other symptom, they should not show up at the Umalas Kids Club.
  • All family members/guardians/child(ren) must wear a face mask at all times when they come to the Umalas Kids Club.
  • Parents/guardians are not allowed to enter the Umalas Kids Club except in an emergency
  • Parents must provide face shields or masks for their children.
  • Even if the UKC ensures that this does not happen, please explain to your children that they should not share food or drink (including cutlery) or wind instruments which could increase the risk of transmission of diseases.
  • Throughout the duration of the protocol, for hygienic reasons, the UKC is not authorized to provide snacks. Parents/guardians can provide it if they think their children need it, in a box labelled at their child(ren)’s name.
  • All of your child’s belongings (bag, food box, clothes, hat, sunscreen, reusable water bottle, etc.) must be marked with your child’s name.
  • Families travelling to countries and/or regions with high local transmissions of Covid-19, and who present symptoms (fever, respiratory symptoms, cough, cold, sore throat, shortness of breath, etc.) are asked not to drop off or pick up kids at the UKC, and to avoid being near the Umalas Kids Club.
  • If you or your child (ren) cannot enter UKC, please immediately carry out a health check at the nearest health facility.
  • For families returning from travel, you will need to complete a travel declaration form and provide specific information before you can join our programs. A medical certificate is required before the child can be authorized to follow our programs.
  • You must comply with government policies regarding quarantine and COVID19 swab or rapid tests.

Drop off procedure (see information sheet attached):

A strict protocol must be followed upon arrival, consisting of fever tests, hand washing, hand sanitizer and a specific path to follow to drop off your child (ren). Any child with a fever above 37.5 °C will be refused entry to the Umalas Kids Club and must not attend for at least 24 hours until the temperature has subsided.

  • Parents/guardians/child(ren) must not gather and respect a distance of 1M (one meter) between them.
  • Your child will be picked up at the front door by a member of the Umalas Kids Club once the protocol has been fully completed.
  • Your child(ren) will have their shoes/sandals/bags sprayed with Dettol before entering the school.

Daily operations:

Your child (ren) will carry out and attend activities in groups of a maximum of 5 children, during indoor and outdoor activities. Even if we may welcome more children, they will never be more than five at the same time during operations. We alternate indoor and outdoor activities to avoid contact as much as possible.

  • Your child (ren) must wear a face mask for the entire duration of their presence at the Umalas Kids Club. If he/she cannot keep to it, he/she will be sent home. Be sure to discuss this with your child(ren), and have them understand the importance and purpose of wearing a mask at all times when in contact with other people.
  • The maximum time allowed at the Umalas Kids Club is 3 hours, either morning or afternoon.
  • Your child(ren) will have to wash their hands regularly during their stay at school (at least once every hour)

Pick-up procedure:

When picking up your child (ren), you will have to wait at the security post, in front of the parking door. You do not have to go through the morning procedure again, but you will be tested for fever.

  • When your child (ren) leave the UKC, they will follow a different route than the morning. A member of staff will escort them to the parking door.
  • Your child will be ready to go home with hands, shoes, and bag adequately washed.


Ready to learn about Christmas around the world?

During this program, your kids will learn a lot about various traditions and way of partying Christmas around the world!

We will go deeper into several cultures, such as the following ones:

1 – Germany
2 – France
3 – Indonesia
4 – Australia
5 – China
6 – Russia

Can’t wait to teach, learn, share and make your kids even more open-minded, curious, and eager to discover the world surrounding them!

JULY 2019

Who’s ready for a funtastic summer? ????⠀
As we transition between school years we will be holding a Summer Camp from July 1st- 26th!⠀

Daily activities will follow the weekly themes, ranging from arts and crafts, games, science, water play, cooking class, and more.⠀

Secure a spot now! ⠀ ⠀

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